Eddie murphy and johnny gill dating

Now in a society where the phobia of homosexuality still runs high, many of the agents would have befitting partners signed agreements to be married to someone of the opposite sex just to portray a heterosexual relationship.Upon the expiration of these contracts parties then file for divorce and look for another victim to carry on their deception.they get there and the celebs themselves are either topless or crotchless .It a mad me me me me world of celebs dont be fooled they know what they doing and when they feel the stories out there is not the one they want they start shouting ''privacy laws''Eurphoria:shakaon the other hand won't you say they ask for it in a way?

you do know that many celebs pay huge money to PR companies to get their stories and faces out in the public domain?

Producer Ira De Witt has accused the singer of wrongly blaming her for leaking...

LATEST: EDDIE MURPHY's ex TRACEY EDMONDS has hit back at singer JOHNNY GILL's comments about the breakdown of their relationship, insisting they are "outrageous lies".

Bobby Brown thinks his exit from New Edition was worthy of a comedy.

The 47-year-old singer-songwriter starred in the chart-topping boy band in the 1980s, but left the group midway through the decade when he was... The 'Every Little Step' hitmaker is struggling to cope with the news that his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has been moved to a hospice, according to his New... The New Edition star performed with his band on Shepherd's former daytime talk show The View in...

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