Dyndns not updating

Rebooted both devices as well.**Edit 2 - I just checked a 2rd remote device.. Maybe this is heartbleed issues and Dyn DNS is preventing any connections from certain devices? I've been meaning to contact them asking if they have any idea why this is.Years ago someone at Dyn DNS (the guy that started/was running it in fact) told me never use the update software built in to routers (at that time). For the record, the Actiontec Dyn DNS code apparently doesn't work at all anymore. I don't see Verizon making much effort to actually fix this functionality.interface Gigabit Ethernet0/1 description ***LAN-INTERFACE*** ip address ip nat inside ip virtual-reassembly in ip tcp adjust-mss 1412 duplex auto speed auto!interface Dialer1 ip ddns update hostname mydomain.ip ddns update MYDYN host mydomain.ip address negotiated ip mtu 1452 ip nat outside ip virtual-reassembly in encapsulation ppp dialer pool 1 dialer-group 1 ppp authentication chap pap callin ppp chap hostname usename ppp chap password 0 pass ppp pap sent-username username password 0 pass ppp ipcp dns request crypto map CMAP! ip http serverip http authentication localip http secure-serverip http timeout-policy idle 60 life 86400 requests 10000!

route-map NONAT permit 10 match ip address NONAT!!! ip dns serverip nat inside source route-map NONAT interface Dialer1 overloadip route Dialer1ip route JAD-WAN-IP!ip access-list extended HO permit ip permit ip permit ip access-list extended JADC permit ip permit ip permit ip access-list extended NONAT deny ip deny ip deny ip deny ip deny ip deny ip deny ip permit ip anyip access-list extended HO permit ip!It has nothing to do with your account standing at dyndns.And for the record, Dyn DNS dropped the free accounts entirely in the last two weeks or so.

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