Dunhill tobacco tin dating

It is better to be 100% on such things, either way it goes.PS All my C&D tins are stamped with the date going back 15 years or so.

If one looks carefully, assuming it has not been displaced, it should be there (typically on the tin's bottom).

This is commonly known but for thoroughness sake I have added the information. I have Mc Clelland tins (as do others) that do not fit the pattern mmddyy.

A quick Google search also appears to confirm the Blend/Batch/Year code as well.

When there is no code to discern, all we have are subtle differences to help us determine a general age. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, though I hope others will add to this thread before I do.

Sometimes it's the type of tin, label and/or statement changes that can help one get a general idea of these tins' age, like with Rattray. Mac Baren (younger tins), C&D, GL Pease etc typically have simple date statements on the back label or stamped on the bottom of their tins.

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