Duggar kids dating

The Duggar family is one of the largest families in the United States.And with so many children, it’s hard to keep track of who is married, who is pregnant, and who is courting.Fans are still waiting for John-David and Abbie to announce a pregnancy, since they were married in November.

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Despite her family's strict rules, she's a fully-grown adult who, by this point, totally deserves to live a life of her own, regardless of whether she's married or not.Firstly, he obviously knows what it's like to grow up in a really big family, and their families clearly get along well.More importantly, Nathan also seems to be a pretty good guy: in a recent episode of We would fly supplies into these little airports, and then we'd drive them up into the mountains where nobody could get.Over the years, she's been linked to former NFL player Tim Tebow, Duggar family friend Caleb William, and even Nathan's own brother, Lawson, according to In other words, time will tell if there's any truth to the rumors linking Jana and Nathan, but there is at least one family member who thinks a Bates-Duggar union has to be in the cards at some point.In 2015, Nathan's sister, Erin Bates, told I personally think, hey you have 19 kids on each side, I think it's almost inevitable somewhere down the line.

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