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I'd heard of this book occasionally as one of the pre-internet classics on picking up women, and was curious enough to pick up a copy.

It was written in the late 80s, and although has been updated a couple of times since, it's still a book from an older era. I think so – I learned more than a few things, but even more than that, it was refreshing to read a different attitude and a different voice from what is usually found in manosphere circles.

It should be remembered that at that time there were no PUA videos on You Tube, no ebooks giving dating tips, no forums.

It was all just trial and error, learning from experience, and word of mouth.

In the middle of those marriages I was single for eleven years.

During that time I had four long-term girlfriends one of whom I would have happily married!

Avoid any other venue where you would be regarded as "creepy." 3) Since cold approaches by a middle-aged man to a young lady will usually backfire, it's important to put yourself in situations where the initial contact happens organically, such as media-related curricula at community college, e.g., Acting 101. You're right that vulnerability is often frowned on in the men's dating niche, and a lot of aspiring players are missing out on the pleasures of emotional connections as a result Sharing that kind of bond with a female doesn't mean you have to stay with her for the rest of your life or hand over your ballsack. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Kipling What I got out of this book was his slow-burning approach, preferring to unhurriedly advance his seductions, like a man with options, and his desire to have a genuine connection with women.

Things he stresses: 1) Don't try to pass yourself off as young, or compete directly with young men on their turf (see #2 below).

You are looking for the minority of girls that would consider dating a middle-aged man.

None of the dating “experts” have done what they tell you “how” to do. The Dream Girl Series is the result of 50 years of my experience with literally hundreds of women. During every marriage I had torrid affairs with many young women.

Soon you can read about those adventures in Married Man’s Guide to Dating, publishing mid 2014.

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