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I M strict, seductive, cruel and take great delight in tormenting and humiliating submissives.

I`m seductively dominant and my slaves love serving me.

Every day more people are moving from watching porn videos to having real webcam sessions with mistresses.

The two sites I've had the best experience with are listed below. A completely secure and private adult playground for the femdom community. All the mistresses are very open and can talk with you about anything for hours.

After my first private session I was on a sexual high ecstasy couldn't even provide.

It's defiantly the new thing and once you try it you'll understand why.

For those who haven`t had the pleasure of meeting Me yet, let Me introduce Myself.

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I demand respect for my superior intellect and culture.Sophisticated and glamorous with a style that demands subservience, do not allow my good looks to fool intelligence and wit will infect your mind and keep you on tenterhooks. Worship Me, Princess Sierra, as the Living Goddess I am.My crushing confidence and militant precision will keep you firmly in your place - under my heels. Suffer for MY pleasure, sacrifice for My luxury and comfort, live for My radiant smile!you will Pay for My happiness in every way possible and you will learn to LOVE IT!

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