Does intimidating

At least then you'll know it's not for a good reason.

Rather than raising your voice or throwing some critiques yourself, fight back the nit-picking with questions that are aimed towards understanding.

Use your present job to develop not only your skills but your coping mechanisms." Even if it's tough, you're learning important skills and moving yourself up the career ladder, and that's what matters.Stahl explained, "In order to come up with projects that truly make his or her heart sing, you must anticipate circumstances or projects that may present challenges in the near future.What are your boss’ goals, priorities, and — most importantly — problems?You never know who's watching that could help you rise in your career.Warrell pointed out, "While it may be easy to succumb to resentment or resignation and mentally check out of your job, doing so not only undermines your own integrity but it can put you at risk of being branded as whiner, a slacker, or both." You're not doing yourself any favors by retaliating in that way.

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