Dns updating software

Is there a way to update the DNS entry from this server so I don't have to log into my DNS server?

I tried ipconfig /registerdns but this did not do the trick...

When I joined the company, I noted that a lot of name lookups were failing or pointing at the wrong machines.

I also noted a staggering amount of old, outdated DNS records.

I have a server that has multiple NICs, each with their own static IP, that I will periodically enable or disable to connect the server to different subsets.

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The DHCP service needs some valid way to tell the DNS server to update the records.

In the Advanced TCP/IP settings of each clients network adapter, is "Register this connection's addresses in DNS" checked? I've picked two records that are out of date - the owner is SYSTEM.

Neither of these had the service account in the permissions list.

Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted Dynamically update for DHCP clients that do not request updates Our domain's zone is configured as an AD-Integrated zone with replication to all DNS servers in the forest.

As far as my understanding goes (which is clearly not far enough), DHCP should update DNS as soon as it itself updates.

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