Diy consolidating corporate files

On that site, you can create a single document library, configure metadata with properties that are relevant to Policies.Examples of such metadata would be: Here is an example of what such a library might look like when all is set and done All you need to make sure is that policy owners from each respective Department have Contribute Access to this site/library and are properly trained on the new business process.

Unlike Picasa, you'll have to scour your drive yourself for unruly images, but it's a simple alternative if you already know where everything is.

For example, all the HR documents will go to the HR site, all Finance documents to Finance site, all Project documents to Project/Team Site and so on.

Assuming you did this, here is the next dilemma you might face. The obvious option would be to let each department manage and store their own policies, forms or templates.

With that being said, there are obviously situations when you cannot and should not put all your documents in one library. Project files will sit in each and separate project or team site and in case you want to roll up or aggregate documents from multiple project sites – you will be forced to use search queries mentioned above.

However, for certain types of content, just like the one mentioned above, just by making slight changes in your business process, you can easily standardize on your documents, easily create nice search experience for your end-users (content consumers) and alleviate yourself from major effort and overhead associated with writing queries and setting up custom searches in Share Point.

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