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The new district operates under a single name, administration, and school board.Board members are elected at large from the new district, they appoint a new superintendent, and a new labor contract is negotiated with the combined teachers and staffs.They further believe that it improves education, because with more students there can be a broader curriculum with more specialized courses.Opponents contend that mergers do not create economies of scale but rather lead to even bigger administrations.Most consolidations took place during the 1950s and 1960s, when many single-school, K–6, and other non-K–12 districts merged into K–12 districts.This trend ended, and consolidation did not receive much attention until recently.Still others find that savings depend on the size of the schools that consolidate, with smaller schools benefiting more than others.Public Sector Consultants believes that the net savings or costs of merging depend on the circumstances of the districts considering the consolidation; automatic savings cannot be assumed.

Consolidation has been used by some states as a means to promote efficiency.The additional revenue is largest in the first year of a consolidation and declines annually until the year in which the original entity would have reached the base foundation grant; then it ends.The additional revenue is greatest for the poorest districts, because they fall shortest of the foundation grant.Since 1994, however, the state has softened its support of consolidation, as is evident in the omission of consolidation-study money in the FY 1996–97 budget (begins October 1).In Michigan a consolidation may occur only if a majority of voters in two (or more) districts approve.

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