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He visually represents the meanings of the words by using symbols, negative space, or by adding geometric elements to the letters.

For example, the letter 'k' in the word 'kickboxing' looks like its landing a kick on the letter 'i'. [Read more...]Looking for color palettes for your graphic, web, or UI design?

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The Colour Lab is a handy Instagram account that shares a beautiful new palette everyday, with hex codes and gradients.

The colors are derived from beautiful images of nature, architecture, and urban landscapes.

Bars and taverns are places that serve alcoholic beverages to paying customers who consume their purchases on-premises, either on a stool at the bar or around tables provided by the establishment.

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Now, Lindsay Kramer from 99 designs has come up with a handy list of color combinations you can try for your next logo design, depending upon the client brief and the industry the brand belongs to. [Read more...]In art, negative space is the background space (or white space) around and between the subject of an image. More than 590 thousand bartenders were employed in the United States in 2015, and this number was forecasted to increase to 696 thousand by 2026. This is a relatively small figure in comparison to the wider restaurant industry, for which food and drink sales were expected to rise to approximately 783 billion U. Nightclubs also serve alcoholic beverages, but, unlike most bars and taverns, are usually characterized by their late opening hours, loud music and dance floor facilities.For example, in a picture of a black vase against a white wall, the vase is the positive space, and the white wall is the negative space.In design, negative space can be used to create hidden meaning logos and illustrations. [Read more...]Dubai-based graphic designer Yuhab Ismail has come up with an interesting project titled “LETTRAVEL” that mixes typography and photography to showcase some of the world’s most beautiful countries and their iconic landmarks.

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