Di 604 dyndns not updating

Fees for commercial use and research services support preservation and access to Idaho’s historical archives.

The collections offer a variety of subjects, including ethnic, mining, military, railroads, and geographic locations.

If you are able to configure as in my original post by putting the Modem in bridge mode the ISP's WAN address is assigned to the Linksys WAN configuration, effectively by-passing the NATing on the modem. If this ever changes you will loose your port forwarding. If there is a valid answer could you please grade accordingly.

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It's currently port fowarding on the Linksys to IP Unless you are fronting either one of your routers, and the intention is to have separate isolated networks. Then the Linksys will appear to sit directly on the Internet and make your port forwarding more easily configurable and assign your DDNS service a public IP rather than the private IP you are getting.

"Scoop" Leeburn was a famous Boise area photographer that captured many iconic Boise images .

Reproductions from the collection are featured in the hearing rooms of the State Capitol, where historical images representing a variety of time periods and subjects can be viewed.

In this situation both the modem and router are forwarding and performing NAT (Network Address Translation). Not quite sure which connection has which IP from the description [I'm easily confused :) ] but using the following example: Configuration #1 with double NATing (Quest in NAT mode) Quest WAN = [something like] .123 (probably assigned with DHCP) Quest LAN = Linksys WAN = Linksys LAN = Linksys DHCP config for LAN = First workstation = Here on the Quest you would forward WAN port 3389 to port 3389 and on the Linksys forward WAN port 3389 to port 3389 ----------------------------- Configuration #2 (Quest in Bridge mode) Quest WAN = [something like] .123 (probably assigned with DHCP) Quest LAN = (unimportant- not even sure what it assigns in Bridge mode) Linksys WAN =[something like] .123 (same as Quest WAN probably assigned with DHCP) Linksys LAN = Linksys DHCP config for LAN = First workstation = No forwarding on Quest and on the Linksys forward WAN port 3389 to port 3389 Couple of notes.

This is called double NATing a will not work with VPN's and some other file sharing applications. 1) In config #1 The Linksys obtains an IP from the Quest dynamically.

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