Developing and validating a questionnaire to measure spirituality

Figure 1 illustrates the five sequential steps involved in questionnaire development and testing.Each step depends on fine tuning and testing of previous steps that must be completed before the next step.

Spirituality Assessment Scale (SAS) Beazley (1998) (1) Living the faith relationship; (2) Prayer or meditation; (3) Honesty; (4) Humility; (5) Service towards others 6. A brief description of each of the five steps follows Figure 1. Sequence for Questionnaire/Instrument Development In this initial step, the purpose, objectives, research questions, and hypothesis of the proposed research are examined.Determining who is the audience, their background, especially their educational/readability levels, access, and the process used to select the respondents (sample vs. A thorough understanding of the problem through literature search and readings is a must.Following these five steps in questionnaire development and testing will enhance data quality and utilization of research.Questionnaires are the most frequently used data collection method in educational and evaluation research.

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