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We’ve got hundreds of wallpaper templates to choose from.Or create one from scratch—upload your own photos or explore our collection of over 2 million images.The wallpaper tax was introduced during the reign of Queen Anne and although this could be bypassed by purchasing untaxed plain paper and having it hand stenciled, it was still a major obstacle to the widespread usage of wallpaper by everyone but the wealthy.In the 19th century paper began to be made in continuous rolls first by Louis Robert in France in 1798 and then in England by Fourdrinier who patented a machine that could make paper to any length in 1807.You look at your wallpaper all the time, so why shouldn’t it make you smile?Wave goodbye to generic backgrounds by creating your own custom wallpaper.

It is an Italian inspired woodcut pomegranate design printed on the back of a proclamation issued by Henry VIII and attributed to Hugo Goes, of York.

Things progressed slowly but by the 10th century, linen fibres were being used instead of wood or bamboo to create a finer paper.

All of this enabled various individuals to experiment with printing onto this fairly even textured paper.

The wallpaper was made up of 12 sheets of hand made paper pasted together to make strips long enough to go from the top to the bottom of the wall.

Usually a blank margin was left along both edges of the paper to protect the paper from damage during transportation, which was trimmed off before the paper was hung.

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