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One night when Frank is working late, Cathy decides to bring his dinner to him at the office.

She walks in on him passionately kissing another man.

Presenting this particular issue so early on in the film, there is a clear contrast drawn between Hartford's suburban idyllic autumnal setting, and the reality of the social order that dominates everyday life of the Whitakers and the people in their lives.

These feelings however prove to be a huge social taboo in this time period and are met with anger and prejudice in affluent New England.

Ever since the incident, he has been getting rocks thrown in his windows, as the African American community is not taking the mixing well. Raymond declines, saying "I've learned my lesson about mixing the two worlds." Ultimately, Cathy goes to the train station to see Raymond off and say her silent goodbye to him, waving to him as the train moves out of the station.

It premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where Moore won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress and cinematographer Edward Lachman won a prize for Outstanding Individual Contribution.

Frank has in fact been exploring the underground world of gay bars in Hartford, Connecticut.

One day, Cathy spies an unknown black man walking through her yard.

One evening Cathy receives a phone call from the local police who are holding her husband.

He says it's all a mix up but they won't let him leave alone.

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