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She said: “Despite a huge increase in the numbers of women reporting rape to the police over the last five years, there has been an alarming recent collapse in the rate of cases being charged.“Women who report rape can be made to feel it is they who are under investigation and on trial and we need to turn this around.”Ministers also announced that research will be commissioned into “what links exist between consumption of online pornography and harmful attitudes towards women and girls”.Previous studies have examined connections between porn and sexual violence, but the new analysis will investigate whether there is any broader link to harmful attitudes towards women.Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday denounced the anti-trust inquiry launched by the European Union as “unconstructive.” The EU revealed last week it had launched the probe over concerns that Gazprom was hindering competition in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia.The investigation is focused on Gazprom’s use of long-term contracts to lock in prices that are tied to that of oil — a policy that often leaves its supplies far more expensive than those available on the open market.The volume of “rape-flagged” referrals from police fell by nearly a tenth in 2017-18, while the number of suspects charged by the CPS dropped by nearly a quarter (23%).Convictions were down by just under 12%, although the conviction rate went up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spelling mistakes at internet search for

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Figures published in September showed a decrease in the number of cases across the VAWG category in England and Wales.The blueprint also commits to:– Introduce a statutory code of practice for employers on sexual harassment;– Work with online dating apps to raise awareness among users;– Consider the impact of alcohol on violence against women and girls;– Explore the issue of “online flashing”, where sexual images are sent without the consent of the recipient;– Develop further measures to support lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender victims.Minister for Women Victoria Atkins said: “Violence against women and girls strikes at the heart of our families, friendships and communities and it is our responsibility to bring light, justice and support to victims and survivors.”‎A CPS spokesman said: “We want to reassure anybody affected by rape that where there is sufficient evidence for us to prosecute, we will not hesitate to do so.“The increase in digital evidence means charging decisions are taking longer to complete.“We now advise police at an earlier stage to build the strongest possible cases for prosecution.During a joint and brief news conference held after talks on the crisis in Ukraine, the Polish premier also warned that there could be no European Union assistance to Kiev until the authorities called a halt to the violence.Barroso said the EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton had “heard shocking stories” of abuse since her arrival Tuesday evening in the Ukrainian capital where several protestors have been shot dead and others abducted and reported missing. “Those responsible need to be held accountable…we are also calling for an investigation”.

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