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NEW DELHI: A Muslim man was beaten to death for dating a Hindu girl in India, police said on Friday, in the latest mob violence against minorities in the country.Mohammad Shalik, 20, was set upon by dozens of people from the town where he lived after he was spotted dropping off his girlfriend on his scooter near her home in the Gumla district of eastern Jharkhand state.The mob tied him to a pole in front of the girl and lashed at him with sticks and belts in an ordeal that lasted for hours late Wednesday.He died of his injuries on Thursday, police said.“We are trying to find whether the mob was instigated by the (girl’s) family,” Chandan Kumar Jha, Gumla police chief said.En 2016 la gouvernement féderale a annoncé la construction d’une nouvelle prison pour à Laval.

Stoppons la construction de la prison pour migrant-es de Laval !

La Cour Supérieure du Québec a accordé à Construction Tisseur Inc., la compagnie qui gère la construction de la nouvelle prison pour migrant.e.s à Laval, une injonction juridique contre le réseau de justice migrante Solidarité Sans Frontières.

L’injonction temporaire a été demandée suite à un piquetage d’information festif qui a eu lieu devant le siège social de Tisseur à Val-David jeudi après-midi, en présence de s Klezmer.

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