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Recently, a friend offered to set me up with a woman named Rachel. He told me she was into jazz and silent movies, and that she was my type physically too. I know I hurt her feelings with my resistance when we first met.

I'm a jazz aficionado, and I've seen almost every silent movie there is, so I couldn't believe Rachel even existed! I called and left her a message, then went to run some errands. "You're not going to like her." "You can't be serious," I said. I learned a lesson from this experience because deep down, I know my resistance came from the negative things my other friend said at the grocery store. I am filled with regret because I have a strong sense that Rachel was right for me. If so, can you give me any advice on how to do that?

The alchemy of two unique souls is a very deep mystery that often defies prediction or explanation.

So “comparing notes” with friends about previous or future dates is ill-advised, misguided and potentially very destructive.

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And we [read “I”] am desperate not to settle on a name. Turns out it was quite a polarizing choice amongst family and friends, but we love the full sound and especially how the V underscores the first sound of his three-syllable Portuguese last name V*****.

Photos taken at this event have been circulated before, but this shot, of all of them in the same frame, is apparently rare, rare enough to warrant the front page: Full Story Emmy voting officially ended late last night, and in less than a month, we’ll know for sure if Julia Louis-Dreyfus will break the record she shares with Cloris Leachman and become the most-decorated performer in Emmy history.

Dear Ziva, At 31, I've been on the dating scene for quite a few years and I've had my share of heartbreaks (including a couple of broken engagements) as well as my share of minor disappointments, such as a string of first dates that went nowhere. I spoke with her for a long time at the party and I called her the next day, but she wouldn't go out with me. She kept saying no even though I know that she really liked me; she told the person who introduced us as much.

So now that you’ve learned this valuable lesson, what to do? Rachel liked you – she said as much to the friend who set the two of you up.

I believe there is still a very realistic hope of salvaging your chances with her. Be honest with her – but without perpetuating the vicious cycle of gossip that caused all the trouble in the first place.

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