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According to Nicholl, William made his request after paparazzi figured out where Kate lived and she was snapped going about her day-to-day life.

As William often spent time at Kate's home, more security measures had to be put in place.

It's been claimed that the Duke of Cambridge, 36, asked the Palace to set up a support hotline for his future wife, 37.

In her book Kate: The Future Queen, royal biographer Katie Nicholl alleges that William wanted to ensure Kate had the support she needed while adjusting to being a royal girlfriend.

"She was given advice on how to manage the media, and we were there to support her if there was a crisis." Kensington Palace has been contacted for comment.

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These features will make your computer less reliable and less secure. They're digital rights management (DRM) features built into Vista at the behest of the entertainment industry. The details are pretty geeky, but basically Microsoft has reworked a lot of the core operating system to add copy protection technology for new media formats like HD DVD and Blu-ray disks.And Vista continuously spends CPU time monitoring itself, trying to figure out if you're doing something that it thinks you shouldn't.If it does, it limits functionality and in extreme cases restarts just the video subsystem."He had seen firsthand how his mother had been harassed by the paparazzi and was determined that Kate not be subjected to the same treatment." A senior press aide told Nicholl: "We had been introduced to Kate early on, and we were instructed from the outset to give her every support possible."She was obviously the subject of a lot of press interest and intrusion from the paparazzi.

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