Dating your marshall amp

Chances are there are a few home-made clones on sale on right now – and why not? Naturally, even Marshall has reissued its own versions of these a few times – including a 1-watt version of the JTM-45 that just came out in 2012.

The 1965-1968 Era The JTM 45 that sold through 1967 is commonly associated with early Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend and both Peter Green and Eric Clapton when they were playing with John Mayall.

On the right were four guitar inserts in vertical pairs, two for Channel 1 and two for Channel 2.

The independent channel 1 had 6 d B more gain than channel 2.

It was said that Marshall had created the “world’s first great, bad amplifier.

dating your marshall amp-77

Also in 1965 Peter Townshend asked Marshall to build its first 100-watt amp along with a single cabinet with eight 12-inch speakers.Two of his regulars were The Who’s Peter Townshend and John Entwhistle.They didn’t like the in the available guitar amplifiers options at the time: Vox or the more expensive Fenders from America.Unfortunately, when those amps were built the company cared very little about consistency in its model names and numbers.This article will try to help you navigate the early days of Marshall amps; what they built, when they built it, what changed over the years and why.

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