Dating wep search

Problem is, there are no parameters that change the order of search results on the website.

So how can you search a website by date and time if the website itself is not offering that functionality?

I love to search for new userscripts on the official website.

The owners of the site use Google Search to display search results which in itself is not bad.

The Google search shows the most recent hits on for the specified search term. Lets take a closer look at the search phrase:site:keyword This is the basic search phrase.

The site: command followed by a web address tells Google that you only want to search that site, the keyword can consist of one or multiple terms.

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To sort by date and time use the sidebar and switch from any time to another option, for instance past month.

Please note that the search results are not sorted chronologically. But since you have selected a different time range you can be sure that you only see results that have been created during that time frame.

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