Dating violence charts

It is important to consider the role emotional abuse has on teens because the concept of healthy dating relationships has become more ambiguous.

Emotional violence can involve various behavioral tactics in an attempt to control another person.

Current platforms for teens such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks are more accessible to teens through the use of cellphones and computers and have contributed to the prevalence of committing acts of dating aggression.

Online surveys and interviews of teens in relationships have confirmed a large number of high-tech facilitated partner monitoring as well as the use of technology to spread rumors.

Controlling a social group or environment, revealing private information, and spreading false rumors can all contribute to isolating a partner in an effort to reduce the chances of the person leaving the relationship.Risky behaviors and consequences associated with teen dating violence progressively work to compromise the health of teens as revealed through research.Over time, more approaches such as behavioral checklists, surveys, inventories, and analytic reviews have given insight to confirm that emotional abuse can be as harmful as physical abuse.In addition to risky behaviors, there can be “near-term”, long term, and irreversible consequences associated with teen dating violence.In near-term consequences, teens are susceptible to “reduced mental health, post-traumatic stress, lower self-esteem, decline in school achievement, increases in eating disorders and substance abuse”.

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