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This apparent lack of suitable men came as a huge disappointment to you.

Becoming increasingly frustrated with the service, you sent the agency an email signed off with the words “karma’s a bitch…

Attractive Partners hired lawyers to fight this decision and won.

This saga will certainly give other women considering hiring this agency food for thought.

You also have seven months of membership left, which, given the situation, you cannot now be reasonably expected to use.

You contacted your bank, which carried out a Section 75 charge back for the full £2,795 fees, on the basis of your assertion that you have not received the service you were promised.

You are vulnerable, but I don’t think Attractive Partners has done enough to take this into account.

Instead, when I got involved company bosses were quick to paint you as “antagonistic”, while refusing to admit any failure themselves.

After this incident, relations between you and Attractive Partners staff deteriorated and it suspended your account.After I asked for your permission to see the full correspondence between you and Attractive Partners, bosses sent you an email warning that if it shared this with the media, your “sensitive” data could enter the public domain. Attractive Partners said it could not comment further on your case due to EU data protection rules (known as GDPR) prohibiting it from doing so.The fact remains that you have still not been introduced to any men you consider to be suitable.I loathed having to date on the internet at my age but am so grateful we were matched. Read more » I found a wonderful match some 11 weeks ago through this website after 3 years of dating experiences. ntroducing our new consumer champion column: Katie Morley Investigates.

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