Dating someone with anorexia

Leave the advice to the professionals and, as an intimate partner, just be a shoulder to cry on. (And if it doesn’t pass, then please remind your partner to call a therapist or qualified professional for help.)Changing your language and your lifestyle in order to be someone’s partner is an inconvenience – true.

If that doesn’t seem like something you can do – – then you and your partner might need to have a conversation about ending the relationship.

Therefore, it’s incredibly important for both of us – – to be able to communicate about the elephant in the room.

It’s my job to disclose that I’m in recovery in order to keep you from making the unintended mistake of triggering me, and it’s yours to be compassionate, aware, and willing not to be a trigger.

And it might not have occurred to you that telling me I’m perfect as I am when I’m feeling less-than-perfect might not be as constructive as you thought it was.

Dear partner, I understand that you don’t understand what it’s like to have an eating disorder, and I want you to know that you’re not trying to trigger me.

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