Dating sleeping over

Things are still going very well with my guy generally, but he’’ll never sleepover.

We have been dating for about 3 months and see each other three times a week and have very good communication.

One little quirk and I guess it relates to that last post I had where he said he would go home rather than stay over (from a few weeks ago).

But, never say you like it because he will remember that always and throw it back in your face if you ever complain about the noise.

He’s seen you at your best and now he will see you in the morning. we ALL wake up with crazy hair, bad breath, crusty eyes and goodness knows what else. so will he still want you after he’s seen you this way?

When you are things will fall into place naturally.

Yes, I enjoy sleeping on my own, I mean who doesn’t like having the whole bed to themselves? OK, but I will also admit that I do like having someone there with me sometimes too, you know, to cuddle with and for company. When you date a lot, you don’t really get much of that sleep over experience, however, when it does happen it can be awkward.

I bought very expensive, very soft sheets and crawling into bed at night is a treat. The first time guy sleeps over is a milestone, true, but it also can be a great experience. Originally published on Singles Warehouse “Top 5 Tips For First Time Guy Sleeps Over” Happy Dating!

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