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Several types of ads are available to publishers for use on their sites.

The main ad type Infolinks provides is their in-text ad links.

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Sizes range from button size to half page and come in all orientations. These appear the same way as contextual ads but are only displayed to search engine traffic. Net also provides web bar and mobile ads to its publishers.

Here are the top alternative ad networks that you can use instead of Google Ad Sense. You should find several that will work well with your sites. I feel that this is the closest Ad Sense alternative currently available.

They do allow you to limit the number on a page, though. These are very similar in look to Ad Sense horizontal link blocks.But, be aware that they are known for suspending accounts and not stating the reason. Are you looking to bump up your ad earnings this year?So, if you use them, read all the rules and be careful to follow them. Net needs to approve each site you want to place ads on. Our SSP tag will instantly connect you to hundreds of premium ad networks and exchanges.There are many reasons to look for Ad Sense alternatives—the most important being to create a hedge against unexpected account troubles and suggest drops in revenue.Some other reasons I commonly hear about include: Now let’s briefly take a look at the main types of ads available to publishers looking to shift to an Ad Sense alternative.

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