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This result is consistent with ancient DNA analyses of Polynesian dogs that suggest two distinct lineages originating from similar geographic locations: mainland and island Southeast Asia (26).

The presence of the Polynesian sequence in a contemporary Chilean Araucana chicken also suggests that some modern populations of this breed may be at least partially derived from this ancient Polynesian source.

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However, no securely dated pre-Columbian chicken remains or unequivocal archaeological evidence for Polynesian contact with the Americas has been reported until now. 1), first excavated in 2002, is three kilometers inland on the southern side of the Arauco Peninsula, south central Chile (lat 37°22′15″S, long 73°36′45″W). Most importantly, excavators recovered 50 chicken bones from the site, representing a minimum of five individual birds.These were compared with ancient mt DNA obtained from chicken bones from archaeological sites in Polynesia and with modern Araucana chicken materials.The radiocarbon date obtained for the El Arenal chicken bone was 622 ± 35 B.Chicken first occurs in Pacific archaeological sites ≈3,000 years ago in the Reef/Santa Cruz (22) and shortly thereafter in Vanuatu (9), but people did not reach Central and East Polynesia for another 1,500–2,000 years.The direct dating of chicken bones from the El Arenal-1 site in Chile falls within the expected range of dates, 600–800 B.

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