Dating shiny brite

NEW YORK – Each year, as part of Christmas, we pull out a box of Shiny Brite glass ornaments. But we keep the box, as it reminds us of another era, when Americans actually made things.

Eckardt was a German immigrant who decided to make his own ornaments, and sold them under the Shiny Brite name.

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Thompson was true to his word, and in the December of 1939, nearly 250,000 American-made ornaments filled Woolworth’s stores across the country.

With a price point of just a few cents each, they were an immediate success with American holiday shoppers.

The Corning company didn’t decorate the balls in the beginning, when a majority of their factory production was still light bulbs.

The clear globes were shipped in large quantities to Eckardt’s decorating plant in New Jersey.

There they were silvered, sprayed inside with silver nitrate, and lacquered to give them a appearance.

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