Dating sagittarius women

If anything, you’ll have some interesting memories and a few good laughs for future reference.Clumsy or not, once you make love, her emotions are intense as is the lovemaking session.The planet itself represents heroic actions, which is where the Sagittarius Woman’s generous nature likely stems.

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She is a freedom loving female who loves to test boundaries, explore and travel.

She might even occasionally wonder if the universe is playing cruel tricks on her just for a chuckle.

For example, she might try to do a nice strip tease for you only to twist her ankle.

Or, she might come rushing toward you for a passionate kiss only to misjudge the distance between the two of you and ultimately ends up smacking into you so hard for a kiss she bites her lip and chips a tooth!

She’s shy too, so you’ll find her blush with embarrassment whenever her nervousness results in clumsy acts: But this too is something you end up loving about her.

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