Dating rola celestion speakers

These are the classic ceramic speakers most widely known and available.

Celestion G12M Family, 20 and 25 watt "Greenback" The earliest G12Ms from the mid 1960s were rated at 20 watts and later increased to 25 watts RMS power handling capacity.

Guitarists can obsess about a number of modifications that they need to do to their amps or guitars (I’m certainly guilty here!The G12M to this writer’s ears is a speaker that changes character and color depending on its use and volume.It has smooth midrange that is focused right in the middle of the musical spectrum, perfect for guitar.Anything else is at the discretion of the manufacturer.Click here for more Manufacturer Codes Speaker Implementation and Amplifier Configurations If you would like to add some info to this list, (any company, any model) feel free to write us with the info.

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