Dating night one stand

But is boning that random stranger from the a bar still as much fun as it used to be?

Or are people looking for a real connection nowadays?

What someone else does in and out of the bedroom (or the park, bushes, or bar bathroom) is up to them and doesn't affect my life.

After all, by the sounds of it, a one-night stand has the potential to turn into way more than just a single night of pleasure.

As someone who's never had a full-blown one-night stand in his entire life, I've never shamed a friend for doing so.

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The numbers were even higher on the American side of things, with close to 35 percent of women and 27 percent of men who have never had a one-night stand claiming to be super critical of those who had.

If anything, it seems they might want the opportunity to see if their one-off fling could blossom into something more than that.

And maybe, people are staying in touch with their one-night stands to give 'em a second chance in bed.

I feel like a lot of women don't want to carry condoms because it makes them look "slutty" and a lot of guys don't carry condoms because they don't want to wear them. Don't linger at his or her apartment and do not expect that this person is going to spend the rest of the day with you.

Being slutty is a good thing so get your head out of your ass and not wearing a condom is fucking dumb. This is very likely not going to become a relationship.

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