Dating my blood related cousin

On Ancestry DNA and My Heritage DNA, there is a 3rd cousin category.

Sometimes, DNA matches are placed into this category when they are not actually third cousins. The average DNA shared between second and third cousins has a slight overlap.

In fact, Ancestry estimates that we are 5th-8th cousins.

Instead, he and I share great-great grandparents – much closer than expected.

One of the most common ways to figure out how someone is related to you on Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, or Gedmatch, is to compare matches that you have in common.

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Each individual has about 7,200 total centimorgans of DNA.

Their system is only looking at the total amount of shared c Ms, and the number of segments that we share in order to determine a potential relationship.

We can rely on the software to find the matches, but we still have to use traditional methods in order to determine our exact relationship, such as comparing known family trees.

While second cousins will absolutely always share at least some DNA, it’s possible for them to share as little as 75 c Ms.

They can share even less if they are half second cousins.

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