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After the initial phase came into force in December 2017, the second phase was due to follow in February 2019.This has first been delayed until September 2019, and then until April 2020 however.At the same time, the companies must attach a letter of commitment from the importer, stating that the regulations for biodegradable plastic products will also be followed for future shipments.Saudi Arabia’s plastics regulations are being implemented step by step.In a textbook for 8 grade students, a Hadith is introduced about a companion of the Prophet Muhammad who asked the Prophet: "What labor is most favored by Allah?He [the Prophet] answered: Prayers on time; he then asked: what next? He then asked: what else: The Prophet answered: Jihad for the sake of Allah."The textbook interprets the conversation between the Prophet and his companion as follows: the most important activity is Jihad for the sake of Allah and the convocation of Allah's religion on this earth.[23] In a textbook titled "Pictures from the Lives of the Companions," the students are told that following the battle of Badr (the first victory of Muslims over the disbelievers) a new chapter in the Koran had descended on the Prophet which raised, in the eyes of Allah, the status of the mujahideen (Jihad warrior) and their preference over those who sit still.Introduction[I] For the past two decades, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been engaged in an extensive effort "to spread Islam to every corner of the earth."[1] This has meant supporting or creating schools with a curriculum primarily based upon the teachings of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab, the 18 century founder of the Islamist Wahhabiyya movement.[2] This report offers a preliminary overview of the Saudi education system focusing on its main principles, aspects of its organizational structure, translations from its textbooks and statements made by high ranking Saudi officials on the Saudi education policy.Part I: The Philosophy of Education Education Based on the Teachings of Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab According to a book published in 1995 by the Saudi Cultural Mission to the U. on education in the Kingdom, titled "Education in Saudi Arabia,"[3] the roots of the contemporary Saudi education policy date back to the 18th century when Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab called for the return of Muslims to the fundamentals of Islam as preached by the Prophet Muhammad.

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This in effect will lead to "prompting his [the student's] zeal for the restoration of the glories of his Muslim nation…S., "committees at the Ministry of Education oversee the development of textbooks[20] in every subject for all educational levels…Textbooks are updated periodically to reflect developments in different subjects.Contrary to the information available to date, packaging is also affected.This is indicated in more specific regulations issued by the Saudi customs authorities that S-GE has recently received.

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