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I have attended many nonprofit galas over the years.

Whether it be for the Heart Foundation or the local YMCA nonprofits seem to always have a large annual fundraising event where good food, good music in fellowship occur.

And I want you to know, going to bars and nightclubs is not one of them! ***Keep reading: These places are for the barflies and the attention whores.

If you are man over the age of 40 who has a career and desires to meet someone to have a long-term relationship with this could be the worst place to meet a quality partner. What you end up meeting are women who are constantly on the prowl to meet new men all the time.

All one needs to do is a look at the available women on these websites and then go back six months and you will see the very same women still active seeking that one special man. These women are caught up in the excitement of meeting someone new… In the end no man is ever good enough and they sit and wonder why they are forever lonely without a long-term boyfriend. This is a very juvenile way to approach attractive, successful women.

It’s just a matter of you stepping up to the plate and stopping by the table and introduce yourself to the group of ladies.This would be my number one place to seek out a partner in life who has ambition and an interest in long term relationships.When you attend a nonprofit gala the single women are very easy to spot.So now we know the to meet women to date and get into long-term relationships with.Next let’s look at the top 10 places where a professional man over the age of 40 can meet the type of woman he truly desires to spend time with.

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