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The dry season makes ascending Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia, more convenient.This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts spectacular landscapes with its raw and rugged beauty and diverse wildlife endemic to Ethiopia.The holiday is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan with a festival that lasts for three days.Deacons wearing golden robes carry replicas of the Ark of the Covenant called , Addis Ababa, a place where the celebration takes place.It works to your benefit if you want to enjoy your trip alone and not run into hordes of other tourists.

Trekking in the Semien Mountains is ideal in February.

This month also features the bull jumping ceremony of the Hamer tribe.

To prove that they are eligible bachelors, the young men of the Hamer tribe in South-Western Ethiopia have to go through a three-day long rite of passage—run on the back of 7-10 bulls lined together four times without falling.

It is a time when stories of sacrifices for the sake of freedom are told.

Everyone is invited to the celebration that takes place around the Miyaziya 27 square in Addis Ababa.

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