Dating lucien piccard watches

Lucien Piccard is a niche Swiss brand with a lenghty history since 1920s.

Classic design is their repetoire and their lineup attracted like-minded stewards.

Every watch comes with its own story that makes it so valuable and special.

I always like to know the background of the brand I am wearing as I am fascinated by the evolution of the watches.

Read Reviews Buy on Amazon Another pride of the brand is this glamorous watch that you can buy at an affordable rate.

is a watch for people who nurture more elegant style but try to keep track with the modern time.

Different from the usual manufacturers, they provide elegance and great value.

As a fan of Lucien Piccard, we hope that these selections will make you come fly with us, because it’s definitely under our skin.

The golden tone round case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 42 millimeters and thickness of 12 millimeters.

The white dial is decorated with big golden markings and an Arabic numeral denoting the twelve o’clock position.

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