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ABC News "ABCNEWS Digital reaches over 10 million unique visitors each month-- an audience of adults that look to become better informed by getting their daily U. and International News as well as up to the minute information on corporate news, technology, entertainment, personal finance advice, health and travel."MSNBC "is a leader in breaking news and original journalism on the Internet.delivers the best of NBC News, MSNBC Cable, CNBC, NBC Sports, MSN, and Newsweek.A guessed-at date may either be substituted (in brackets) or added. 801) (don't forget to indent the second and subsequent lines): If the author or editor is unknown, the reference list entry should normally begin with the title. Text citations may refer to a short form of the title but must include the first word (other than the initial article).When the publication date of a printed work cannot be ascertained, the abbreviation n.d.

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A guessed-at date may be substituted (in brackets).Please be sure to speak to your professor about the appropriate way to cite sources with no identified author or publication date in your class assignments and projects.References Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are a self-serve option for users to search and find answers to their questions.Any page requests served via a caching mechanism were not recorded in the server logs and, hence, not present in the data. White, "Visualization of navigation patterns on a Web site using model-based clustering," Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.Other Relevant Information: * Number of users: 989818 * Average number of vitis per user: 5.7 * Number of URLs per category: 10 to 5000 Attribute Information: Each category is associated--in order--with an integer starting with "1".

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