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In other words, Is the presentation of the endowment eternal in nature? Why does it mirror so closely the Masonic rituals, tokens, etc.?

There was extensive revelation, including the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants, that came during Joseph Smith's time and that we consider fruits that demonstrate he was called of God.

I've heard Joseph Smith had multiple wives from opposers of the church, but I'd never believed it. In the first half century of the restoration, we see the use of seer stones, angelic visitations, miracles, prophetic revelation and many other charismatic beliefs and practices. I feel like our worship services have become stodgy.

However, recently, I've been hearing that from members. Why was polygamy ever practiced in the early church?

They seemed to be prominent during the restoration in Palmyra and Kirtland, but then we don't really hear about them during Missouri, Nauvoo, and later. I struggle with suicidal thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. Also I am taking self reliance classes and still feel I'm not closer to being self reliant.

Things such as Joseph Smith being sealed to women who were already married or Joseph Smith having a free black woman sealed to him as a slave?These are the real reasons that people are leaving the church and losing faith, so, why not openly address our history?What ever happened to the Knight family and the other faithful saints from Colesville, NY? I joined the church during my divorce, I am fighting to get my son back.Sometimes when I pray, I just feel like I'm talking to myself, and it's hard to comprehend that there's someone listening to what I'm saying.How can I make my prayers with Heavenly Father more meaningful, and how can I feel the spirit better when I say them?

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