Dating in the salsa scene

Treat each other like a worthwhile investment and take social Latin dancing classes together.In a culture that promotes short-term flames, let’s explore why Latin social dancing is the best date night idea.

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We live in the era of “Netflix and Chill,” the go-to date night for millennials. I’ve fallen prey to a lazy night in but I cherished the dates that the guy put thought and creativity into.

Write in the FECHA (date), HORA (time), and the LUGAR (place) and leave it for your spouse to find. in Spanish along with a pronunciation guide for you know how to say it.

Throughout the night you can can tell your spouse, “I love you”, “I want you”, “I desire you” and of course “Kiss me! If you already speak Spanish like my spouse and I do – go the whole night speaking in Spanish.

Supposedly to help keep friends around to have many people to dance with. :-) I remember once how my girlfriend kissed me before we entered the party in Paris saying “the last kiss so you are not embarrassed and can dance with anybody”. Girls have harder situation and I wish we could dance without a need to flirt all the time.

Thanks to that I can discuss with my friends anything and it’s more honest. Because statistically, men don’t dance much with a girl when they know she has a boyfriend (edit: mostly on festivals than local parties as I heard that from friends on festivals).

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