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The top 5% of guys will get I'm an attractive young white guy living in Bangkok.Yes I get a ton of matches on Tinder, however getting them to actually meet in person is not that easy. Here in London I would get on average only 1 or 2 matches per day.In Bangkok in just 3 days I got well over 50 matches, and that's filtering out the less attractive and ladyboys.She said completely different things to both of us.That was enough of a realization to my buddy to start hitting the gym regularly.And I was pretty sure some of the stall holders were in on it.I think generally that Bangkok appears to have been cleaned up somewhat.

On the downside it's irritatingly slow, especially loading photos. That was considerably more than I'd caught in my filthy student apartment building in a piss poor neighbourhood in Guangzhou, Southern China. So they must be breeding like, er, roaches in the hotel . I've seen droppings AND they rattle the coathangers as they rush up and down the walls between floors. I think something scary lives in the crawlspace and is chasing and eating the vermin . I could put up with these problems if the hotel was cheap, but it's not. I saw this after the coup when tourist numbers dipped. They're just so lucky I don't have a Chinese wife to send down and rip their heads off .

Difference is that I can actually afford splurging money in Thailand3 none of the girls directly implied sex, although one agreed to meet me in phuket, so it's implied she can stay with me on the hotel This advice is completely off.

From OP's number of matches I am going to guess he is a highly attractive guy.

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