Dating husbands best friend dating love letters examples

This man here had crossed those lines, and I wasn’t going to simply sit down and let him be.Then one day, I opened up to my husband and told him everything.Soon, he began losing interest in me and would say I was being ‘a prim school teacher.’ 2.Having a strong reaction What I mean is, the last time he said I looked ‘ravishing and sexy,’ I simply smiled and said, “I’m flattered.He was my husband’s best friend, and I was married. I didn’t know how I was gonna stop it, but it So first things first.My heart still said that he couldn’t have possibly done anything stupid with me lest he bear the consequences from my man and ruin their 20-year-old friendship! I let this particular incident go, and began mentally preparing for what I wanted to tell him.What if he just denied the whole thing and said I was imagining things? Using diplomacy Earlier, I would either blush or simply laugh off his flirtations.I knew very well, this wasn’t my imagination but I just didn’t know how to go about it. Firstly, I decided to take several steps to drop hints for him to back off. But now, I became a little more aware of what he was saying or doing and I started dealing with him in a very diplomatic manner.

I had to be prepared for such an eventuality because I didn’t want to get caught off guard again.Surprisingly, he understood my plight and appreciated my thoughtfulness in not confronting his friend and making a mess but for dealing with it in the most effective, intelligent, and mature way.A way in which no one was hurt and the issue was addressed by me driving the point home – once and for all.Everything that I felt, the things his friend said to me, did to me, and how it had creeped me out.And the things I did to keep him at bay without his knowledge.

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