Dating ex

Most people confuse this kind of an attraction with love. [Read: Getting back with an ex for sex] Is it really love?The only reason you should ever get back with an ex is if you truly love them and find yourself shattered after the break up.Don’t hold higher expectations of your ex than you had in your previous relationship with him or her.He or she probably didn’t change much while the two of you were apart.

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She has her own blog and also writes for online networks including She Speaks, She Blogs, Family Review Network, Mom Central, My Blog Spark, Team Mom, and One2One Network.Talking about the good times can build your intimacy with one another and strengthen your relationship. If you are frustrated with your ex, tell him or her that you are frustrated and what it is that is frustrating you. You can’t assume that he or she knows what you are thinking or how you are feeling.Communication contributes to a strong and healthy relationship. If he or she cheated on you, you cannot assume the same thing is happening again You have to be able to start the relationship over with a brand-new level of trust.Memories of your ex So why exactly have you been thinking about your ex and missing them?Is it because you genuinely love them and think the break up was a mistake?

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