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The following year saw the release of Wish Me Away, an intimate documentary detailing Wright’s private struggle with her very public decision as well as its inspirational aftermath.

The feature-length film earned unanimous applause, was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award in Outstanding Documentary, and a dozen top festival awards including the Grand Jury Prize as “Best Documentary” at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Luckily, neither bride will wear a veil (they both like their hair too much! However, Wright is Christian and Blitzer is Jewish, so planning an interfaith ceremony has required a bit of extra legwork; the bride and bride's outdoor wedding ceremony will be officiated by a Rabbi and a Reverend.

At the wedding reception, more than two hundred guests will be treated to tasty barbeque from New York's Blue Smoke, and a DJ will be spinning throughout the night. The country star has admitted that, "Bands at weddings make me nervous." All in all, it sounds like Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer's late summer wedding will be the perfect mix of classic and contemporary, where progressive ideas, custom and tradition come together in a beautiful way (despite their critics!

Now, after more than five years away from the spotlight, Wright has announced the MRI/Sony release of her long anticipated new album.

I AM THE RAIN will be available for pre-order beginning July 22nd before arriving in stores and online retailers everywhere on September 9th.

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Chely made history by being the first country music star to publicly come out as gay, which she revealed in her 2010 memoir entitled “Like Me.” In 2016, Wright released her critically-acclaimed studio album entitled , produced by Joe Henry.She returned in 2010 by publicly coming out as openly gay, the first major country music artist to do so.Wright immediately became an inspiring and determined advocate for the LGBT community, with Like Me, her best-selling 2010 Random House memoir, earning widespread acclaim for Wright’s powerful chronicling of her life and career, from growing up in heartland Kansas to the intensely emotional experience of coming out in public.When country singer Chely Wright announced to the world that she was a lesbian, it was a brave move.She was among the first country music stars to acknowledge his or her homosexuality.

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