Dating blackbook

If you’re looking for an adults-only guidebook on sexy slang, you can pick up “NSFW” and learn all the sexty messages and brash acronyms you’ll ever need to know.

“These books can serve as a fun inspiration to keep the conversation going,” Erin said.

For instance, people who go to school or work from home may not have heard of a HIPPO, which stands for “highest paid person in the office.” It’s fun to read through this list and guess what complex abbreviations like Wo Mo Bi Jo (working mother with a big job) and 142n8ly (unforunately) mean.

Everyday individuals can submit a slang word or abbreviation to the site, and Erin will review it, approve it, and see it go live on the site.

This moderation process has allowed her to keep pace with netspeak, 1337 speak, and online jargon. “Texting Terms” is a nice list of every acronym and abbreviation posted on Net Lingo.

Or what did she mean by that smiley face at the end of her reply?

Is that a signal that she wants to be more than friends?

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