Dating atlas e z seal jars

Looks like more cool stuff to keep an eye out for at the flea markets!Perhaps a reader will recognize it, and have more information on the approximate date it was produced.If you have a Ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo. It is still sealed and the pears still have some liquid.But at has the ball on it in the but its supper small and near the button edge. Specific types of canning, such as making jams or jellies, require additional ingredients including pectin.Can you can dice tomatoes for canning instead of leaving them whole or halving them? My grandmother just gave me a blue Ball jar that she learned to can with. However, this jar sealed on a raised lip to help keep the jar from cracking - a common problem with shoulder seal jars.

Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high.” Well, actually it’s not cotton, but fruits and vegetables.

They would probably not believe that to grow and preserve real food like that now requires special effort and attention.

My atlas e-z seal lightning jar, filled with some of fruitjar.

The Atlas E-Z Seal and Atlas Strong Shoulder jars: The Atlas E-Z Seal is a variation of the Lightning seal jar already described.

The "Strong Shoulder" jar is a variation of the old shoulder seal mason jar.

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