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If you're having issues, or have questions regarding your long distance relationship, this LDR forum is the best place to ask other members for advice.Relationship Breakup Advice We're all human and the chances are, most of us have been through a relationship breakup.If you have any general relationship questions that don't fit the context of our other boards, ask away here.Dating Forum An open forum to discuss everything and anything relating to dating, whether you're an older person, single parent, gay or straight.

This board has been created to share tips and relationship advice for men, if you're seeking guidance as a bloke, this is the best place to ask on this love forum.The only […] Read More My Favorite Place “What’s your favorite place? I thought of the part on his chest where little hairs grow from under his shirt’s tan line into sight.The place I used to kiss before dozing off to the familiar sound of his heartbeat — the waves rocking as we would lie on our […] Read More Beth and I first lived under the same roof in 1982, when I was 13. We never […] Read More I am considerably younger than my older siblings, and we are close. It is not that we were so young, though that is true.My partner thinks I have it easy being at home with the kids while he works, he thinks I sleep and relax all day which is so far from the truth.How do I make him understand that we shouldn't compare?

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