Dating and graduate degree

First of all, I would like to thank Ryan for the opportunity to contribute to his site.

As a former student, I know how important it is for graduate students to have a community for emotional support and to stay on top of valuable resources (as this article will touch on).

I covered areas such as financial support, elements of a thesis, time management, communication with your PI and coworkers, writing skills, and career planning.No matter how busy you are, there is always time to do something nice for your spouse.Your spouse will surely appreciate it, and probably return the favor doubly. If you function as part of a team you can come up with better strategies than if you tried to row alone. A simple 15-20 minutes of connection every day (over tea in the evening, or an ice-cream during the day) will probably strengthen your relationship orders of magnitude more than an expensive get-away once a year.(The percentage for younger adults is slightly higher.) By contrast, about 15% of the 4553 graduate students who responded to Eisenberg’s 2011 survey reported experiencing depressive symptoms—as defined by the fourth edition of the —in the previous 2 weeks.Source: Could emotional support offered by a significant other during graduate school help lower depression rates? While the pressures in graduate school can put the best relationships to a test, they also present an opportunity to deepen your support and commitment to each other.

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