Dating advice for women in their late 20s

Online dating is really tough for guys (I'm assuming you're male).

If you want to meet any quality women that way, be prepared to put a lot of work toward perfecting your "image," as shallow as that sounds.

I guess this post isn't just specific to those in their late 20's, but I'd probably say to anyone that's been out of college for a few years.

Some of the things I've thought of but ruled out: As silly as it may sound, I'm at a bit of a loss.

I know the most immediate suggestion is a dating app or web site, but to be honest I'm hesitant. I feel like having a good mix of things i can try out in addition to online dating would help immensely.

And I’ve dated women in their mid thirties who have been nowhere close to having their acts together.

I’ve dated younger girls who have had the dispositions of 45 year olds.

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