Dating a saxophone player

Silvia Mazzolini started taking saxophone lessons at the music school in Spreitenbach (CH) from Beat Blaser and Matthias Kaiser.

From 2006-2010, she was a student of Ueli Angstmann while attending the Kantonsschule of Wettingen (CH).

He told me that Kanye had requested me to come to the house and serenade Kim in the morning. I said something like, “This kind of sound would be really great with some of your music.” And he said, “Yeah, maybe we can go to the studio and check it out.” So I thought that was cool. Anybody that’s out there doing stuff, I appreciate how hard they work and that they’re putting their heart and soul into their music. She was coming around a corner, and I got the nod from Kanye to go. I had met Kim before — we flew on a flight together once. Are you working on any music of your own right now?

“It’s going to be a room surrounded with roses, and you’re going to stand in the middle of the roses and play.” I thought, “That actually sounds really beautiful.” Then I got a text from [pop songwriter] David Foster, who told me he had heard about the request and told me I should definitely do it. I don’t even have enough hands to count all the people that I met. Afterwards, we went over to his studio and I got a chance to hear some of his music and talked again about, maybe there’s a possibility of a little sax on a Kanye West record. And so I started to play, and when she came, she just went, “Oh my god,” and then she looked at me and was smiling and just kind of stopped.

“Busier than I thought.” He was on his way to taping an appearance on James Corden’s show when he called.

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In July of 2015, the quartet was recognized and rewarded by the Marianne and Curt Dienemann Foundation for its outstanding chamber music performance.

Additionally, she enjoys playing in a variety of chamber music ensembles, including the Strax Bravura saxophone quartet.

In May of 2015, she made her debut as a soloist at the Tonhalle Zurich with the Orchestra for Peace.

She is an active music teacher at several different music schools including the music school in Dietikon, while also teaching saxophone registers to various wind ensembles such as the National Jugenblasorchester (Njbo) and giving various music workshops.

In her spare time, she has a passion for traveling and enjoys playing various sports.

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