Dating a childless man

I tend to give the benefit of the doubt but do wonder how they have stayed single and childless for so long and if it often (not always) means there's some major personality flaws or issues. I think it's silly to make broad assumptions before knowing anyone's actual circumstances.

I know several very nice men who were in long term relationships/married but either they or their partners has fertility issues. I also know other men, kind, decent, etc, who don't want kids. Conversely, I have dated plenty of dysfunctional divorced men with kids who have had huge issues and have been an absolute nightmare, as have their ex wives.

His relationship with his ex wife was still very involved and he was essentially still emotionally married. Maybe they were in a LTR but their partner had been previously married and didn't want to marry again.

Before I met dp I swore I'd never consider dating someone who had children but he changed my mind. My last thing was with someone who had had a few 12 - 18 month relationships and that was a red flag as I think it pointed to a pattern of putting them on a pedestal and not appreciating what makes for a decent solid relationship Hi Sorry I've not read all the thread but here goes ...

We dated once, but it was clear that although he was nice, he was kind of sheltered.

I suspect he’d never had a girlfriend at all, actually.

I’ve been out with a few of these since my divorce.

Unfortunately in my case they all had huge issues (many to do with not having had kids) and they all struggled with my priorities.

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